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Welcome to CACTUS Web Training
The CACTUS-OS family of products provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution for competency training. CACTUS-OS is based on SCORM Shareable Content Object Reference Model open standard technology, seamless computing, SQL database, competency metrics generated by Statistical Quality Control models, and multimedia content. By applying the appropriate member of the CACTUS-OS family, the competency solution can be scaled to suit departmental needs, small or medium size businesses, or enterprise level multi-national companies with distributed structure and thousands of employees. By leveraging SCORM, third party developers can join the CACTUS-OS platform.
CACTUS Web Training (CWT) is a new member of the CACTUS-OS family. It provides competency training through its Internet based service. CWT can seamlessly connect with the other members of the CACTUS-OS family. Its immediate advantages include: (i) no capital investment of software purchase required; (ii) no software installation, administration, and maintenance to worry about; (iii) Pay-by-use; (iv) on-line updates & upgrades of courses & examinations; and (v) on-line co-development of standard SCORM courses.
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♦ Training Warehouse
Several high-quality on-line training materials are available, covering various areas. The list is growing continuously.
Co-sourcing & outsourcing: Developing custom training materials is also supported. You can develop your own on-line training materials in cooperation with professionals.
♦ SOP Warehouse
Several high-quality Standard Operating Procedues - including training - are available, covering OPULUS products, services and expertise. The list is growing continuously.
On-line/on-site customization of SOPs and the corresponding training materials is also supported, that can include co-sourcing consultation by OPULUS engineers and scientists.